Regional Championships

Regional Championships Score "Level 3 CH-A" Sophie Speath AA 1st Ball 1st Floor 1st Rope 1st Michelle Pontchek AA 2nd Ball 3rd Rope 2nd Natalie Bui Rope 2nd "Level 3 CH-B" Elizabeth Pereira AA 3rd Rope 2nd "Level 4 CH-B" Katya Thomas Floor 3rd "Level 4 CH-C" Daria Sokolova AA 2nd Floor 3rd Hoop 1st Tamara Avinami AA 3rd Ball 1st Izabella Zilli Hoop 2nd "Level 5 CH-B" Alina Eliutina AA 3rd Floor 2nd Hoop 3rd "Level 5 CH-C" Elizabeth Siomin Hoop 2nd Ekaterina Polyakova AA 1st Ball 1st Floor 2nd Hoop 1st Rope 1st "Level 6 CH-B" Maria Buchilin AA 1st Ball 2nd Floor 1st Hoop 1st Ribbon 2nd "Level 6 CH-C" Anastasia Soultanova AA 3rd Ball 1st Floor 3rd Anna Lopez Hoop 1st "Level 7 CH-C" Hana Starkman AA 2nd Floor 1st Eleonora Gordienko AA 5th Ball 3rd Ribbon 3rd Luna Safargaleeva AA 5th Hoop 3rd Ribbon 1st Also, participated in the competitions and competed for prizes: "Level 4" Anna Shikhimova Claudia Tesenen "Level 5" Karolina Kovalchuk "Level 6" Rebecca Zoican Mia Lopez Continue to work well ahead of the most important competition - National Championship, which will be held on May 7th. Keep working hard!!!
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