We have a highly qualified and enthusiastic staff with many years of teaching practice. IK coaches have an invaluable experience to develop each child’s self-confidence and self-esteem, improving physical strength and developing self-confidence. Our coaches successfully guide gymnasts’ parents through the each level of development, meeting both physical and mental needs of each unique child.

Our Coaches

  • Iryna Kobets

    Iryna Kobets is a European and World medalist in Rhythmic Gymnastics. She has competed in France, Israel, USSR, Germany, Belgium, Japan & Greece.

  • Valentina Kevliyan

    1996 Olympic Games - Atlanta, USA- 2nd place, Silver medal. 1996 World Championships - Budapest, Hungary - 1st place in the All-around.

  • Natalia Johnson

    Honored coach of Ukraine in acrobatics, personal coach of the World champions in acrobatics, 1st class international judge, having over 30 years of coaching experience

  • Natalia Shavrina

    Master of Sports of Soviet Union, graduated from Governmental Central Institute of Physical Culture with a Coach's Masters Degree.

  • Antonina Letunovskaya

    Antonina Letunovskaya is a highly skilled aerial performer and sports coach with gymnastics background.