Daily Foods That Is Good for Gymnasts: Best Practices

Here, at IK School of Rhythmic gymnastics in Miami, we are very concerned about what do our gymnasts eat. In order to maximize your gymnast’s performance, we offer you to try the nutrition plan that includes three main meals and snacks, concentrating on carbs before gymnastics classes and offering your child proteins after the workout.

Rhythmic gymnastics is a beautiful, but pretty tough sport. Gymnast’s skills involve high flexibility, balance and power that come from having developed muscles. Therefore, the ideal diet for rhythmic gymnasts is one that is balanced in carbohydrates, protein and fats, includes important vitamins and minerals. Specific amounts of the listed nutrients can vary, depending on training schedule and athlete’s weight.

Parents of young gymnasts should remember that their performance directly depends on what they eat and when they eat. General rule is that small but frequent meals provide steady energy for training and recovery. To maximize training performance, gymnasts need to concentrate on carbohydrate foods before workouts, eat foods containing proteins after workouts and avoid foods high in fat. Because rhythmic gymnastics workout require intense burst of power, it’s important to have access to quick sources of energy.

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