The Top 4 Reasons Why Do Gymnastics in Miami


Miami is a very special place where the American Dream shines more brightly. It is a huge metropolis, with dozens of opportunities to participate in gymnastics. Raising a gymnast in Miami has a lot of advantages and parents of gymnast should know the most important of them. Below you’ll find the top four reasons why gymnastics in Miami is becoming more and more popular every year.

#1 (and the most obvious) – The weather is awesome. The climate of Miami is perfect for raising children, especially athletes. It’s not even that your gymnast will be able to wear just her team leotard and flip-flops almost all the year round. If your gymnast lives in Miami, she’s probably stronger and healthier than her peers, who live in cooler places. All told, South Florida’s warm climate promotes good health for children, as good weather allows them to spend more time outdoors. The sunshine, the ocean breeze and a lot of parks are perfect for children’s health. Kids are less likely to suffer from flu and cold, and their bodies do not have to waist energy adapting to the change of seasons. Besides, when you live in warm climate your metabolism is faster and your body does not accumulate fat because you don’t need as much insulation. This is especially important when you are doing such sports as gymnastics, which requires maintaining your body weight. There is one more reason to opt for gymnastics in Miami – unlike many other sports it’s indoor, which is important in Florida, where most of the days may seem to be pretty hot for outdoor workouts.

                                                     #2 – Living in Miami, you can select from the best gymnastics schools in the USA for your athlete. Today, rhythmic gymnastics is witnessing a spectacularly rapid development in the USA, getting an impressive echo from the media and the public. 5 years ago, when rhythmic gymnastics first started development in Florida there was not a lot of involvement from people. Now there are a bunch of really great rhythmic gymnastics schools in Miami providing athletes with an opportunity to participate in rhythmic gymnastics competitions all over the USA. The number of rhythmic gymnastics schools in the USA is constantly growing and each year more and more rhythmic gymnastics events take place across the country. Among the 135 clubs registered as members of USAG by October 2015, 14 are in Florida. More than half of them are located in Miami area, which increases your chances to find a great rhythmic gymnastics school facility within easy reach.

                                                     # 3 – Doing gymnastics in Miami your athlete is likely to get the elite gymnastic coaches. Rhythmic gymnastics is traditionally a Russian sports. After the breakup of the Soviet Union, Russia has been the dominant country in rhythmic gymnastics. Russian gymnasts and athletes of the former Soviet Union are always on top of World rhythmic gymnastics competitions. That’s why the best rhythmic gymnastic coaches in the USA speak the Russian language. Miami has one of the largest Russian communities in the United States, and the best rhythmic gymnastic coaches from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Bulgaria move here to bring up the sports of Rhythmic Gymnastics in Miami.

                                                     #4 – Rhythmic Gymnastics is one of the most affordable Olympic Sports in Miami. Here in Miami, we may be paying the price for that skyline for a while, but look at it: It’s beautiful The truth is that living in Miami is quite expensive. Therefore choosing an affordable sport for your child is important. In this regard, we’d like to mention that doing rhythmic gymnastics is much cheaper in Miami than in, for example, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York. Besides, if you already live in Miami, keep in mind that rhythmic gymnastics is one of the most affordable options here, comparing to other sports for girls, popular in USA, like tennis, figure skating, and horseback riding. You can easily find rhythmic gymnastics classes in Miami starting at $165 per month. To estimate expenses when your child will demonstrate desire to take her rhythmic gymnastics classes lessons into serious long-term training, please read How Much Does It Cost to Raise a Competitive Gymnast.

IK School of Gymnastics in Miami has earned a distinguished reputation in developing top performing rhythmic gymnasts. Miami gymnasts from IK traditionally rank high at regional and national rhythmic gymnastics meets. A critical part of IK’s success in rhythmic gymnastics is recruitment of elite coaches from throughout the world. Our coaches are elite professionals, who create safe and nurturing environment for kids encouraging them to have fun while participating in our rhythmic gymnastics programs.

We invite you to join the beautiful world of rhythmic gymnastics in Miami. To check our rhythmic gymnastic school facility and programs please call 786-350-6655.

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