Keeping Gymnastics Costs Under Control: 5 Ways to Save

Gymnastics is a beautiful sports and a great opportunity for children to build their strength, flexibility, self-esteem and social skills.  Gymnastics classes for kids can be for recreational or competitive purposes. Depending on which gymnastics school and program you choose, the prices for the tuition may fluctuate.

Due to the different curriculum, competitive and recreational classes vary greatly in price. Gymnastics classes for beginners are much more affordable and range from $150 up to $200 per month. Professional rhythmic gymnastics classes are substantially higher, costing at least $400 per months depending on the facility. For more intense training private gymnastics classes will cost an average of $70 per hour.

Apart from the tuition fees, if your child is enrolled in rhythmic gymnastics, there are much more often implicit costs that are significant. With that countless miles on the car parents spend driving their children back and force from gymnastics classes, purchasing of uniforms, competitive leotards and equipment, registration and coaches’ fees for gymnastics competitions, airplane tickets and hotel expenses paid in order your athlete can attend gymnastics meets, the actual expenses of gymnastics parents are eye-opening.

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Whether your child’s interest in gymnastics is temporary or it’s a long-term commitment, it’s equally important to budget for it and find the ways to save:

  • Keep in touch with other parents. Your first source of savings tips is with parents who already have their kids doing gymnastics. Don’t hesitate to ask gymnastics parents how they keep gymnastics costs under the budget, looking for the cheaper ways to buy leotards and apparatus, travel to competitions, and getting info on sales on merchandise and discounts on classes.
  • Siblings discounts. For families with multiple children, most of the gymnastics schools offer siblings discounts. Enrolling two and more of your children at the same time can save you 10-20% of the regular tuition cost.
  • Early bird discounts. Gymnastics schools also offer discounts for signing up early for gymnastics camp sessions or new season gymnastics classes. Above all, be sure not to wait for the last possible moment to pay for gymnastics classes to avoid late registration fees.
  • Buy used. Gymnasts grow very fast and most likely you’ll have to buy new uniforms, leotards, hoops, ropes, ribbons and clubs every year. So, finding safe options to buy used apparatus and apparel can significantly cut your expenses.
  • Negotiate shared transportation. Join with other parents to share children’s transportation to gymnastics classes to save a lot of time and money on fuel expenses.
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