Gymnastics is Fun

Why choose IK School of Gymnastics in Miami? Because despite the fact that our gymnasts work hard all the year round  and traditionally rank high at state, regional and national rhythmic gymnastics meets, they still think that gymnastics is fun!

“I love rhythmic gymnastics because it is fun to work with different apparatus. Also, making new routines is exciting.” – Daria

IK School of Gymnastics in Miami presents a completely gymnasts generated project titled “Why I Love Gymnastics”. Many thanks to Mia and Irina for shooting this video and to all girls for participating in it!

IK School of Rhythmic Gymnastics is proud to provide the opportunity for girls to participate and get involved in the sport of rhythmic gymnastics in Miami. In our school the best rhythmic gymnastics coaches in Miami work with participants as young as age 3, doing their best to see if rhythmic gymnastics is the right fit early on in each child’s development. Our team has worked tirelessly over the last five years in order to provide the ideal learning environment  for children in Miami, where gymnasts can receive the very best in training.

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