Choosing a Perfect Present for Your Gymnast: The Best Gift Ideas for Christmas


Holidays are coming and it’s time to think, what will be the best Christmas gift for your loved gymnast! To help you find the right gift, IK School of Gymnastics in Miami prepared a list of great ideas to focus your thoughts and get you started towards finding the gift of her dreams.

A good gift shows you care enough about someone to really consider what they might like. Sometimes looking for gift ideas for a gymnast can be confusing, because unlike other girls they often do not like dolls and can’t afford eating candies. Rhythmic gymnastics is a unique combination of sport, art and dance that captures girls’ imagination, so they begin eating, breathing, and sleeping gymnastics. Therefore, even outside the gym her life is still full of gymnastics.

The good news is that in today’s variety of merchandise you can easily find items that are perfect as Christmas gifts for your gymnast, from apparel to educational materials. By finding a special gymnastics gifts, you can show her that you support her gymnastics activities and are proud of being a gymnastics parent. Below you’ll find some ideas for Christmas gymnastics gifts.


Gymnasts rarely love dresses, because they prevent them from being ready to flip at any moment. But they definitely enjoy wearing cute and colorful sweatshirts, jackets, warm-up suits, and T-shirts that let them show off their belonging to the sports of gymnastics. Many popular apparel companies offer clothes for gymnasts with letterings and inspiring pictures about gymnastics. If you think about the gift for your gymnast in advance, you can even order a unique piece of clothing with your own text or her name/photo printed on it. Gymnastic leotards worth special mention because it’s absolutely the most desirable clothing item for every gymnast.


No gymnast will refuse a cute gymnastics tote or a backpack that she can use to bring her supplies, and hold her personal belongings during gymnastics class. If she already has a sports bag, consider buying her a personalized gymnastics lunchbox, where she can bring drinks and healthy snacks for long workouts. To prolong the pleasure of gifting, you can buy an advent calendar for your gymnast and provide small but meaningful gifts for her, counting days before Christmas. Glitter hairspray and bright hair elastics, shiny bun kits and headbands, the gymnastics theme key rings and earrings, gymnasts’ scorebooks, water bottles and other small gymnastics-related items work really great for this purpose.

Books, Videos or Tickets to Events

If your gymnast spends her entire free time watching gymnastics videos on YouTube and trying to repeat what she saw, you can try to enrich the content she consumes with books, thematic films and high-quality videos from gymnastics competitions and events. Letters to a Young Gymnast, Off Balance: A Memoir, Little Girls in Pretty Boxes and other books and movies of that kind allow your gymnasts to get a comprehensive understanding of the sport of gymnastics and see different sides of gymnastics.

Home décor

Her bedroom is the place, where your gymnast spends a lot of time, so she will appreciate gifting her with fun gymnastics home décor. The most popular types of gymnastics décor are wall decals, posters, pillows, rugs and blankets. Another great idea is gifting your gymnast a medal holder, which is a great way to show off her medals she is so proud of and keeping them organized as well. To exceed her expectations, you can even find a special gymnastics ornament, so your gymnast can decorate her room or Christmas tree in the most gymnastics way.

While choosing a perfect Christmas gift for your gymnast, don’t forget about thinking about how she’ll spend her free time during holidays. If you do not leave for the holidays, consider an opportunity of enrolling your gymnast to winter gymnastics camp. Gymnastics winter camp can be another great Christmas present for your gymnast, allowing her to get new skills, get a lot of fun and make new friends in safe environment.

IK School of Gymnastics provides the ultimate gymnastics camp experience for kids in Miami. Our campers range in age 3 to 16 and are from beginner to advanced gymnasts. The campers are divided by age and ability.

Having more hours for training during the camp time, our coaches can focus on the balanced development of all muscle groups and introduce new tricks to gymnasts. IK rhythmic gymnastics camp is the best place for the girls to bring the body into a good shape and develop grace of movement. During the camp the kids gain body-confidence and self-esteem that helps keep feeling positive about themselves and the excitement of being strong outside the gym also.

Winter Gymnastics Camp Schedule

Classes will be held for 8 days during the two-week Winter Break:

  • Monday, Dec 21 – Thursday, Dec 24 — 9am-3pm daily
  • Monday, Dec 28 – Thursday, Dec 31 — 9am-3pm daily

For details and to make a reservation, please contact us (786) 350-6655.

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