Choosing a Perfect Present for Your Gymnast: The Best Gift Ideas for Christmas
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Holidays are coming and it’s time to think, what will be the best Christmas gift for your loved gymnast! To help you find the right gift, IK School of Gymnastics in Miami prepared a list of great ideas to focus your thoughts and get you started towards finding the gift of her dreams.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Competitions: IK’s 2016 Invitational Meets
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IK School of Gymnastics in Miami sets a high priority on rewarding the accomplishments of our gymnasts and the effort of their parents by providing them with an opportunity to participate in local, state, regional and national rhythmic gymnastics competitions. In the beginning of the year IK gymnasts start competitive season 2016 with participation in two invitational meets: - The 2016 Paws for a Cause Rhythmic Invitational, Atlanta, GA - Princess Cup 2016, Bloomington, MN.

6 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Gymnastics School
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How to Choose a Gymnastics School in Miami: 3 Simple Steps

Unlike several years ago, today there are a bunch of really great rhythmic gymnastics schools in Miami providing athletes with an opportunity to participate in rhythmic gymnastics competitions all over the USA. To help parents of rhythmic gymnasts choose a rhythmic gymnastics school in Miami, we prepared this step-by-step guide, which indicates the main things you should consider when looking for the most suitable gymnastics school for your child.

The Top 4 Reasons Why Do Gymnastics in Miami
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Raising a gymnast in Miami has a lot of advantages and parents of gymnast should know the most important of them. Below you’ll find the top four reasons why gymnastics in Miami is becoming more and more popular every year.