North Florida Attractions: The Top 5 Things to Do Around Jacksonville, FL
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In 2017 Florida State Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships takes place in Jacksonville, FL at the end of March. What a great opportunity to explore the northern part of Florida! We want our gymnasts and their parents to have extremely positive competitive experience - so, check the schedule and find some ideas about how to brighten your trip!

How to Help Your Child Succeed in Sports
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When it comes to sports most parents want their children do as well as they can and at the same time enjoy it. The progress of a child in any sports is both the result of his effort and, no less important, of coordinated work of parents and coaches. Here are some simple strategies for parents to make their kids enjoy sports and perform to their fullest potential.

Gymnastics Fashion – Fall 2016
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What can be better for a passionate gymnast in the beginning of a new season than get one of those "gymnast" and "gymnastics" print items that will remind her about gymnastics outside of the gym?! Today you can easily find great variety of gymnastics merchandise from apparel to phone cases and wall decal. By giving a special gymnastics gifts for your athlete, you can show her that you support her gymnastics activities and are proud of being a gymnastics parent.

3 Best Junk Foods Gymnasts Can Eat After Working Out
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Junk foods

After an intensive workout, your child’s muscles are crying for protein, carbohydrates and sugars, because she spent much energy and burned a lot of calories in the gym. Go ahead and treat her to a something tasty – some junk foods that are considered unhealthy can be as beneficial as healthy protein meal after the workout as they aid muscle recovery and growth.

Florida State Meet 2016: Identifying Top Performing Gymnastics Schools in Miami
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This article highlights the top gymnastics schools in Florida. To help you identify the top performing rhythmic gymnastics schools in Florida, IK School of Gymnastics in Miami prepared the review of the 2016 Florida State Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition, which was held on March 19-20, 2016 in Miami, Florida. Here you can find the charts showing the number of All Around medals (gold, silver and bronze) that rhythmic gymnastics clubs from Florida got at Florida’s State Meet 2016.