6 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Gymnastics School

Our last blog post was devoted to choosing a gymnastics school in Miami. The number of rhythmic gymnastics schools in Miami is constantly growing, which can make the choice of a gymnastics school for your child confusing and stressful. To help parents make choosing of a gymnastics school in Miami as comfortable as possible, we prepared A Guide to Choosing Rhythmic Gymnastics School in Miami, where identified three simple steps that should be taken, such as:

  1. Indicate the purpose of putting your child into a gymnastics class
  2. Make a list of all rhythmic gymnastics schools in Miami within your reach, to choose from
  3. Bring your child to a trial class to all selected schools

To get more useful information on these steps, please, check out the Guide.

Today we’ll talk about the key questions to ask the staff in a gymnastics school, while your daughter is taking her free trial class.

1. Is the gym a USA gymnastics member club? That’s one of the most important questions that should be asked, and here is why. USA Gymnastics or USAG is the national governing body for the sport of gymnastics in the United States. To acquire the membership in USA Gymnastics, clubs agree to observe certain rules and restrictions. For example, they are obliged to have liability insurance, and not to hire sex offenders or coaches who were banned from being a certified member of USA Gymnastics. Besides, only gymnastics schools that are members of USAG can participate in gymnastics competitions and events.

2. Are the coaches certified members of USA Gymnastics? To acquire the membership, coaches are safety certified and background checked with USA Gymnastics. Therefore, knowing your coach is a certified member of USA Gymnastics is an additional evidence of that you entrust your child to a professional concerned for the safety of young athletes.

3. How are the classes structured and organized? Some gymnastics centers choose to fill classes based on space availability rather than age and ability level. Take into account, that this type of class organization results in athletes receiving inconsistent training that is not related to their specific age requirements. It’s argued that kids show best results when they are in a class with other children of their own age and skills level. When gymnastics classes are organized by age and ability level teachers can work more effectively as they can appropriately teach children, who are at the same level of skills development.

4. What are the student to coach ratios? Low student to coach ratio is essential for an engaging learning environment as it allows the coaches to learn the needs of every child. Low student to coach ratio gives each child an opportunity for personal attention during the classes rather than just common group instruction.

5. Do they have all necessary equipment for gymnastics? Make sure the gym is clean, free from the smell of stinky feet and the equipment is in good shape and looks safe. For successful training a gym should meet the following requirements:

  • Flat floors covered with the carpet on at least 24x12m
  • A high ceiling for work with apparatus (10m)
  • Mirrors, ballet bars, gymnastics ladder built in the walls help to master the technique and take care of the right posture.

6. How the interaction between the school management and parents is carried out? (newsletters, website, etc.). To decrease operating expenses, many gymnastics schools do not provide immediate customer service during the classes. Small gyms only provide customer service for a limited amount of time during the day, for example before the classes start or after they are finished. To keep parents of gymnasts continually up to date on all the new information, the staff typically communicates with gymnasts’ parents via newsletters. So, if the school does not provide immediate customer service in the time that is convenient for you, don’t forget to sign up to their newsletter.

We invite you to visit our rhythmic gymnastics school facility in sunny and vibrant Miami! Our rhythmic gymnastics school is conveniently located in North Miami, a 10-minute drive from Aventura, Sunny Isles Beach, Bal Harbour.

To get more information about gymnastics in Miami, please, read our previous articles. If you have any other questions about rhythmic gymnastics in Miami, please, don’t hesitate to contact us. Call (786) 350-6655 and we’ll provide you all the information you need.

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  1. I had no idea that the USAG even existed to help you find a high quality gym; that is so cool! I think I’ll definitely start my search for a gym for my daughter by finding a list of USAG approved gyms in my area. Hopefully that will cut out a lot of the competition as well!

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